2. Second Month


As you continue your journey, consistency is key! This is why we continue to follow the same simple system as you did in your first month. Your job each and every month is to tell a minimum of 40+ people about the business and opportunity and find Consultants to join your team & Preferred Clients to join in the 30 Day Challenge. You want 10 NEW Direct to you each month! We use the 40 Faces tracker to track our personal monthly success. Activity is what matters. Do the activity, and the results will follow.

1. Every month, begin by printing the Monthly Business Docsset monthly goals using your Bullseye Tracker to reach out to your sponsor for a quick goal setting call, and complete Beginning of the Month Checklist. Place goals on stickie notes everywhere around your house, in your car, in your office, in your bathroom, EVERYWHERE. Visualize and believe!

2. Our goal every month is to build our team by adding 10 NEW with a Min of 3-5 Consultants to the 30 Day Challenge. We will accomplish this as we consistently tell the full Arbonne story and share the business with 40+ people every month: track this by using the 40 Faces Tracker.

3. We do this by using the Daily Method for Success as our daily to-do for working your business and sharing the business in a variety of ways: 1. In Person and Virtual Events, 2. One-on-Ones, 3. Product Drops  and 4. Inviting to local Discover Arbonne Events/Experiences. (Ask your sponsor for local monthly meeting information.)